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Homemade Flash Grid

There are several online projects showing very clever ways of constructing a spot grid for flash strobes.   Needing one, and quickly, I decided to try my hand at it.  This particular grid is made as simply as possible.  No glue, just cutting sheets of cardboard, stacking them, wrapping them in another sheet of cardboard, taping them together and to the flash.  So, the instructions are…. oh, I just gave them.’

Homemade Flash Grid

Coverage is demonstrated in the following photo.
The lens was at approx. 55mm about 6 feet from a wall. The picture covers about 3 feet so the spot is about 1 foot. Doing the math in my head that’s about a 10 degree spread (more or less). Since the flash has a 35mm coverage it was about 58 degrees. Exposure was normal with flash on camera at 1/4 power.

Homemade Flash Grid Coverage


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