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I love pennywhistles (AKA tin whistles). Because of the simplicity and small size they’re like the sports cars of music. The response is fast and immediate. I don’t play enough and really need to remedy this situation. My collection is shown below which also includes random kazoos and a Maui Xaphoon. A couple of slide whistles as well (not shwon). I have not even remotely mastered the Xaphoon and really am bothered by the shape of the mouthpiece but fun none the less.

I’ve also given pennywhistle lessons (and pennywhistles) to lots of people. Mostly, but not always, children. It makes a fantastic first instrument.

Some useful pennywhistle links include:
Great place to by whistles and music: The Whistle Shop
Forums, tutorials, and music: Chiff and Fipple
Fngering charts for whistles and many other wind instruments: Woodwind Fingering Charts
Find music in many formats here: JC’s ABC Tune Finder

Below some of my whistles, both showing off and neatly tucked away. Drumstick bags make great pennywhistle bags.

Whats in my drumstick bag?

Whats in my drumstick bag?


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