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Slide Rules, Nomographs, and Calculators

Having been a child of the sixties (it has other implications than societal), I did not have any electronic calculating devices to get me through college and in my first jobs. Instead I used the trusty slide rule. Other devices that were used were specialized slide rules and nomographs. Later came calculators that themselves are now collector’s items.

Slide Rule

Even though I never intended to have a slide rule collection, I now do. From my first plastic slide rule to the one that got me through college and the beginnings of a career to ones that were given to me because I had slide rules already. Some samples:

K&E Deci-Lon Sliderule
The slide rule that got me through college.

Smith Chart Slide Rule
A Smith Chart slide rule that got me through one of my first jobs.

The whole collection is here.
The Flickr slide rule group here


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  1. Wow. The Smith Chart is awesome!!!!

    April 12, 2010 at 12:15 am

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