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My First Car

I like vehicles of all kinds. There is probably a listing in DSM-IV for this type of psychological ailment. I remember my first car quite well. I really, really, liked it. It was a Garton Kidillac. This was a pedal car roughly in the style of an early 50s Cadillac and probably as heavy on a scaled basis. Really made of steel. It had a little anemic horn that made this really pathetic moan when the batteries were going dead. I liked that sound so much I wished the batteries would always be half dead. The picture I have included with this was taken less than a couple of hundred feet from the New Haven Shoreline. The was (and still is) the main railroad route from Boston to New York. This probably also influenced my love of vehicles. I still like trains and have a collection of HO trains which incidentally are mostly New Haven RR.

This photo was taken by my father a long, long time ago. The cars in the background give that away. …and he swore by Kodachrome film which means that the photo was still in great condition over 50 years later.



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