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I don’t shoot panoramas very often but I do find them fun to do. I use Hugin for stitching them together and generally just do them hand held with no tripod. This works pretty well and everything can be cropped and corrected after stitching. Hugin is a free program available here and represents some of the best in free software.

Disneyland Jan 7, 2009

This panorama was taken at Disneyland in ToonTown. Very surreal look in ToonTown, the lighting and everything just makes for an other worldy kind of look. Also, if you look very closely (there is a lot of detail) you’ll notice that people who move during the shooting of the panorama can be cut in half or just have a general ghostly appearance.

Disneyland Jan 25, 2009

This Disneyland panorama was taken in Tomorrowland. I’m not sure I like the overall composition of this but it has been a very popular photo of mine.

For something different a stitched together a few fisheye images of our kitchen for an “artistic” pano.

Living/Dining Room

…and this is an “artistic” view of our living room. Part stitched panorama and part collage of just pasted in images. I liked the sort of random Hockneyesque perspectives that can be achieved this way.


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  1. massimo fiorentini

    beatiful images

    April 29, 2009 at 12:24 pm

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