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Pen & Ink Without Pen & Ink

I’ve always liked pen and ink illustrations especially of cars. Car magazines like Road & Track always seemed to have some. Now as with most things digital this is quite easy to do on a computer. Starting with a photograph various types and qualities of pen and ink drawings can be simulated.

For example this is a photo of a Lamborghini V12 that was converted to a pen and ink drawing. It took a couple of layers in the Gimp, one line drawing and one black threshold that were combined to produce the final image.

Lamborghini V12

This photo is an Alfa with a Mini in the background done in a similar manner with “simulated” color paper.


Adding some gray levels also gives and interesting result as on this (quite rare) Lotus 6.

Lotus Six

… and engines always look good with this technique. Blown Chevy V8.


OK, so it can be used on something other than cars. Here is the eye of a horse named Nick.

Nick's Eye


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