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Pomona RV Show

I recently went to the Pomona RV Show. Not that I’m in the market for an RV but more out of curiosity and entertainment and my love of vehicles. RVs cater to my Jules Verne syndrome of wanting to travel and take my home with me. Kind of like “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” or “Steam House”. The design of RVs has always been intriguing to me. How to fit as much living space into a very small area. Home sizes have grown over the years and peoples expectations of what is needed to live in have grown dramatically. The RV technology also spills over to much of the work being done today in tiny house design and modular homes.

Of course some RVS are very over the top. Like the one in the photo below that was created by Dunkel Industries. This is intended to be an off road capable RV that you can live in and will carry a Jeep and a couple of ATVs. This is based on a Ford F650 chassis and, yes, I probably don’t want to know what the gas mileage is. What is interesting is the the interior, which has less room than many RVs, is very cleverly designed and makes efficient use of the space available.

I also wonder how this compares to “expedition vehicles” like Unicats or Earthroamers in its ability to handle very extreme situations.

Pomona RV Show 2009

Another vehicle that I have always like is the Sportsmobile. Again not the best gas mileage but shouldn’t be too bad with a diesel.

Pomona RV Show 2009

But what I really miss is the simplicity of the VW Westphalia or even my poor man’s version in 1972.

Me & Willie setting up camp -- May 1972

…and more photos here


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