My projects, hobbies, interests, whatever.

Favorite Links

Jon Delorey’s LinkedIn profile

My Photography
My photos on Flickr

Books & Reference
Project Gutenberg — The oldest online book site
Tech Books For Free
Textbook Revolution
Ibiblio — Books, info etc…
Making of America — Primary sources of American History
Wikipedia — the best online encyclopedia

Games — My favorites
AGA — American Go Association
NSA — National Scrabble Association
Scrabble Word Finder — Find solutions to complex scrabble puzzles
Scrabble Word Lists — I’m still studying

Chiff and Fipple — Pennywhistles, you just can’t have too many
The Clarinet Pages My first and favorite instrument
Windcontrollers I play both and Akai EWI and Yamaha wincontroller
JC’s ABC Tune Finder to find sheet music in ABC format
Some pictures of my musical instruments are here.
Lilypond — My favorite Sheet Music Editor

Math and Science before the time of the electronic computer
Sliderules — I have several. Pictures of my collection of sliderules
HP Calculator Museum — obvoiously during the time of electronic computers
but fast becoming collector’s items. I still use mine. Reverse Polish Forever!

Automotive Websites
I’ve always like unusual cars
Three Wheelers — Yes, there is a very comprehensive site on 3 wheel cars
Station Wagons — I like wagons. My last car was a wagon.  This site has been inactive for a while but is still really neat.
Micro Car Museum — Small cars have their site also and, of course,
Shooting Brakes!
Single Wheeled Trailers


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