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My Desk Today: A still life of sorts.

Just a geeky shot of my desk
I was testing a lighting setup for another project and the desk was the closest thing to try it out on
So for what its worth this is it
This shot was not arranged
Its just how it is

Still Life: My Desk


Move on… Nothing to see here… yet…

Update: Since I have a little time today I have started adding content to my blog. I’ll be catching up with many of my past projects and interests and beginning to record the new ones as they come up. This blog will have no real theme other than what happens to interest me at the time. Kinda like a geek’s memoirs. Others have referred to my interests as “trivial intellectual pursuits” or, recently, my “latest inanity” or “I’m just waiting to see what you’re next bizarre interest is”. So to chaos, stream of consciousness, randomness or whatever.

Original Post: Just setting everthing up.