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DIY Flash Gel Holder and Storage

I was getting annoyed with losing gels for my flash and juggling camera bags to find them so I looked for a holder that might store gels.  I did find a very nice one like what I envisioned from Lumiquest but since my need was immediate I tried coming up with something simple and quick to make. The total build time was about 5 minutes.

This is made from a sheet of a storage page for negatives that goes into a three ring binder.  If you have been shooting for a while (i.e. film) you may have sheets of these lying around.   I just cut one to size with three storage slots available.  One covers the flash head and the other two can be used for storage.  I can get about four gels into the storage slots without difficulty allowing me to store a total of eight gels.  The gels are just cut from sheet gel material, in this case from Rosco.

I have no idea if this will fit other flashes.  The flash that I made it for is a Nikon SB-600  and it also works on my Sunpak 383 flashes. Also not that the sample pack filters from Rosco and probably Lee also are a little too wide and would need to be trimmed slightly.

DIY Flash Gel Holder & Storage

DIY Flash Gel Holder & Storage


Homemade Flash Grid

There are several online projects showing very clever ways of constructing a spot grid for flash strobes.   Needing one, and quickly, I decided to try my hand at it.  This particular grid is made as simply as possible.  No glue, just cutting sheets of cardboard, stacking them, wrapping them in another sheet of cardboard, taping them together and to the flash.  So, the instructions are…. oh, I just gave them.’

Homemade Flash Grid

Coverage is demonstrated in the following photo.
The lens was at approx. 55mm about 6 feet from a wall. The picture covers about 3 feet so the spot is about 1 foot. Doing the math in my head that’s about a 10 degree spread (more or less). Since the flash has a 35mm coverage it was about 58 degrees. Exposure was normal with flash on camera at 1/4 power.

Homemade Flash Grid Coverage